Surfing, Walking in water

Have you ever wish to walk in water? How you only wish right? It’s not possible at all with human’s limitation in our body but since we ever wanted to do the it. ¬†We humans always compensate and make impossible things possible and thanks to surf boards we are one step closer to walking in water (at least).

No one really knows when did surfing started. We don’t know if it might have been practiced even before the ancient times. But early records says that surfing was first acknowledge during the late 17th Century by a voyager team. Surfing has now grown into a global mantra. It’s vibrancy makes another color and dimension in the world of water. Surfing dynamics will always complete the world of water.
In our eyes it amazes us how one can balance in the midst of vibrating water that it self feels like magic.

The mechanics of surfing is kind of easy but hard to do. All you need is surfboard and plus courage to face the big wave. (Of course you must know how to swim).
This kind of habit is good for all ages and the extremity goes beyond the distance and mileage you want to surf.

If you wish to go to a beach don’t just go for the generic one’s like swimming and sun bathing why not try the specialty of the house and go for a little extreme and finally walk in water in cool and magical fashion.