If you ever wish to learn surfing. Here are some guides to help you glide on the water. There maybe bumps on this but it’s not like bumps on the road. Here are some of the techniques we need to practice to allow us to play surfing on water.

Of all you’ll need a surfboard. It is recommended to have a big wave board for beginners. Though many people want’s to jump on a small board just like a pro. Many inside factors like balancing and gliding are best known for beginners if they jump on a big board at first. Next, make yourself fit physically. This type of activity requires alertness of both body and mind as your mind thinks your body shall react so you should do some stretching first . Then, study how Pros does it even though it seems so easy when your looking at them but if ask them what is the perfect technique to do the glide, balancing and ducking. Fourth, start doing it in low level waves and don’t over react and jump at the big boys zone. Start practicing and always ask for assistance you can’t just learn it by yourself and ¬†you’ll need a good teacher for this. Lastly “time”, maybe the famous cliche is best for this, practice makes perfect but practice requires effort and time. The more you play this the more you inherit skills and eventually can go to the big boy zone.

The following are steps in surfing

  1. When all the gears are now at hand. Get to the beach vicinity.
  2. Slowly set up pace in the water with the board carried or under your arm. See to it leg leash is attach to your ankle.
  3. Lie down flat at your board and paddle your hands to the space where the wave is vibrating.
  4. When you catch the wave, stand at your board
  5. Balance the board with your weight ( observed center of gravity )
  6. Apply with your whole body the necessary techniques to allow you to glide and wave in the beach wave.
  7. To complete the routine you must be able to stand in you board when the wave finally vanquishes.